About Us

At Hygeia, we make awesome pumps.

Our pumps embody our mission of giving moms more: more features, more flexibility, more customization.

More is in our DNA. We were founded to provide it.

In 2006, Hygeia’s founder was an executive at the top U.S. breast pump manufacturer. But despite working for the biggest breast pump company in the country, he felt like he was giving moms less. His company made a whole line of pumps. The best pumps – the models with strong motors that could pump the best – were sent to hospitals and other medical professionals. The lesser pumps – with weaker engines and fewer features – were most often delivered to moms who bought a pump online, at the store, or through their insurance company.

He was tired of shortchanging moms.

So he resigned, and founded Hygeia.

At Hygeia, our mission is simple: To give every mom the best-quality pump possible.

That’s why we only make one pump. The best pump.

Every single pump we deliver is our top-quality model, with hospital-grade performance and adjustable controls that customize for you. By choosing Hygeia, you can feel confident you’re making the right choice for you and your baby.

After all, we promise to always give you more.

Welcome to the Hygeia family.

Every Hygeia Pump Delivers:

1: Power and Speed – Every one of our pumps provide hospital-grade performance, the highest performance standard.

2: Portability – Big power comes in a small package. Our pump is light and easy to transport.

3: Customization – Personalized controls let you adjust pump speed and strength for the most comfortable experience.

4. Quality: Every Hygeia pump is the highest-quality pump available. Period.

5. More: From spare pump parts to helpful accessories, becoming part of the Hygeia family means you’ll always get more.